The Best Tips & Tricks on How to Ask a Girl Out

If you don’t know how to ask out the girl you like in your school, at your job, or the girl that you keep seeing everywhere you go don’t feel bad because you’re not alone. One of the most common questions we get from guys is how to ask a girl out.

The truth is, if you’re like a lot of guys you probably feel as if you’ll never get a girlfriend because you’re not outgoing, you’re too ugly, or you just don’t think any girl will be interested in you.

If you’re naturally a shy guy then finding the guts to approach an attractive female can be one of the most heart pounding and nervous things you can do.

Tips on How To Ask Girls Out

Lose All Fear of Rejection


Okay, it won’t be possible to completely lose all fear of rejection overnight. However, the point I’m trying to make is don’t worry about being rejected, it happens to the best of us. Look at rejection as feedback that you can use to get better the next time you ask a girl out. The coolest and most attractive men have been turned down before.

Why Do Girls Turn Guys Down?

Girls will turn you down for a number of reasons like:

  • They have a boyfriend already.
  • They’re not looking to date anyone right now.
  • You approached them while they’re in a bad mood and they don’t want to be bothered.
  • They’re very shy so they feel awkward around guys.

The point I’m trying to make her is that most of the time when a girl turns you down it has nothing to do with the way you look or who you are as a person. When you think about it, fearing rejection is kind of silly because the worse that can happen is they’ll say NO and life will go on.

Fearing rejection will hurt your confidence and make you second guess everything you say and do when you approach her. Even if you are scared of rejection try to not think about it or show it. The more confidence the girl sees in you the more she’ll want to go out with you whether she likes you or not.

Determine if She’s Interested in You Too


Finding out whether or not if she is in to you or not is the first step you need to take. Why is that you ask? Well, if she is already interested in you too then asking her out will be super easy and less of a challenge.

If she’s interested in you too then she’s probably wondering what’s the best way to ask you out or is patiently waiting for you to make the first move. Females are submissive by nature and like to be pursued so most of the time they won’t make the first move and leave it up to you to initiate things.

Body Language & Eye Contact

One of the best ways to tell if a girl likes you is by reading her body language and eye contact. If a girl likes you she probably won’t tell you with her mouth but if you maintain eye contact with her for long enough sometimes you’ll be able to tell instantly.

If you look into a girl’s eyes and she gives you a seductive look or her pupil’s dialite she’s probably into you. Along with reading her eyes look for little things like:

  • Constantly smiling when you’re around.
  • Blushing when you come around.
  • She ditches her friends to hang around you.
  • She does little things to try and get your attention.
  • Playful touching.
  • Laughing at your jokes when you know your not that funny.
  • She always tries to make small talk with you.
  • She’s constantly giving you compliments.
  • Frequent glances in your direction.

Throwing You Off

You should know that some girls are masters at not showing their cards too early so even though she really likes you she’ll rather not show you any signs of interest. If a girl is real quiet and cool when she is around you when you know that isn’t even her style, she most likely has a crush on you that she doesn’t want anybody to know and she’s trying to throw you off.

Some girls will even go as far as flirting with other guys they don’t even like as much as you just to make you see and get jealous. If a girl has her guard up and doesn’t show any signs of interest a few things you can do to test the water are flirt with her by saying something cute, complimenting her, or playfully touch her and see if you get a good response.

How To Ask Her Out If She Likes You


If you know the girl you want to ask out likes you it will be twice as easy to get her to go out with you than if she didn’t like you at all. If she already likes you the easiest thing to do is to find out what she likes to do in her free time.

Nonchalantly Interact With Her

Start interacting with her more without making it too obvious you’re digging her. You want to maintain your cool while talking to her so you don’t look desperate and awkward.

Just relax and have a conversation with her like you would with your friends or family. Don’t focus on how attractive she is and how badly you want to take her out. Instead, focus on genuinely getting to know more about her (this will help you get your nerves under control).

Learn As Much as You Can About Her

Find out what she likes to eat and what’s her favorite restaurant or spot to get some good food. Find out the kind of music she likes to listen to. Find out if she likes to do any kind of activities you might be interested in like going to the movies, playing some type of sport, hiking, and etc.

The whole idea here is to learn as much as you can about her and build chemistry so you and her are more comfortable around each other. When you get ready to ask her out you’ll know exactly what activities or places to suggest to her. It’s kind of like if you had the answers to a test why would you be nervous or intimidated? You already know her as a person and what she likes so it’ll be a cake walk to ask her out and get a YES.

Use What You’ve Learned About Her To Ask Her Out

Now that you’ve interacted with her a few times and gotten to know her a little better it’s time to pop the question. All you have to do is remember the things she already told you in your conversations that she likes to do and ask her out.

If you know she likes to watch movies ask her “do you want to go to the movies with me”? If know she likes to go hike casually tell her something like this “hey, I know this great hiking trail not too far from here do you want to go this weekend”? If you know she likes to eat Italian food you could ask her out by saying “I ate at this great Italian restaurant last week and the food was fantastic, do you want to come with me next time”?

A great strategy is set yourself up before you even ask her out. While you’re in the getting to know her better phase try to sneak in a couple lines like this “yeah I love Italian food too, I know this great Italian restaurant maybe me and you can go some time”? If she’s interested in you her response will probably go like this “Sure, that sounds great”. Easy right? Whatever you do, don’t invite her to your house the first time you ask her out. This might send her the wrong message and turn her off.

Asking A Girl Out That Isn’t Interested In You 

don't like me

Just because a girl doesn’t seem to be interested in you doesn’t mean you can’t ask her out and be successful. All you have to do is make yourself more desirable and show her how much of a nice and awesome you are.

Compliment Her

The best way to accomplish this is to begin complimenting her on things like the clothes she wears,her hair,her shoes, and things like that. If you notice that she changed her hairstyle compliment her on it so she knows you noticed, Girls LOVE attention like this.

The key here is to not be too pushy with compliments and over do it. Don’t compliment her on everything at one time. Instead casually compliment her on something one day and then a few days later try to compliment her on something else. In between the few days you’re waiting to compliment her again don’t show her much attention. If you see her around just say hi and bye (unless she tries to initiate a conversation with you) and give the impression that you have a lot going on and don’t have time for small talk.

Show Her You’re A Cool Guy To Be Around

Show her that you are a cool, down to earth, and laid back guy that has his own life. Don’t try too hard to impress her because she’ll see right through you. As you are giving little compliments here and there develop a friendship with her and do the same thing you would do if it was a girl who liked you.

As you start to talk to her more and more she’ll begin to trust you and feel comfortable around you. Eventually, she’ll consider you a friend of hers and this might make her start liking you. What you got to remember is that females are not as visual as males.

Men almost always use their eyes and become attracted to a woman visually and then try to get to know her. Most women might see a man and be physically attracted to him but not fall for him until she gets to know him on a personal level.

Girls will almost always go with the average looking guy that has the great personality over the very hot guy whose an asshole or no personality at all. So once this girl you’re interested in starts getting to know you more she might start liking you for your personality and the great conversations you have with her.

Just Ask

Once you feel like you and her have a pretty good friendship it’s time to ask her out. She doesn’t have to completely fall for you for you to ask her out. As long as you know she thinks you’re a cool guy she’ll be more than happy to hang out with you.

By now you should know what she likes and dislikes so based on that ask her out to do something you know she’ll like doing. Once you and her start going out it won’t be long before she starts liking you for real.

 What Not To Do When You Ask A Girl Out?


Most guys trying to learn how to ask a girl out almost always make one big mistake, which is calling it a date when they ask her out. Bad Move, unless you are pretty sure the girl likes you. When you ask her out for the first time and call it a date you’re putting too much expectations on the time you spend with her.

This will put pressure on you to be romantic and lovey dubby with her. Just ask her out to have a good time with you as friends. If she agrees to go out with you again then that is definitely a date because you and her both would know she is attracted to you in some way.

I used to be scared to death of girls and didn’t know the first thing to do when it came to talking to them, let alone asking one out on a date. Meanwhile most of my buddies were picking up girls with ease.

Even when I started to go out more I would notice women smiling at me, but I would just get tongue tied and be too scared to approach them and start a conversation.

One of the hardest things for me when I finally grew some balls and decided enough is enough was finding good/solid information or a group of experienced Pick Up Artists to guide me every step of the way.

I was tired of doing it my way because my way wasn’t working. I had no girlfriend and every chick that turned me down made me less confident to approach the next girl.

One of the best resources that really helped me was The TOA of Badass.

What’s great about The TOA of Badass is the fact that it gives you so much information on everything you need to know in order for you to ask that girl out you want and get her to go out with you.

Not only that, but the members area has a team of experienced Pick Up Artists giving out great tips and advice to help you every step of the way.

The TOA of Badass

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Most of our subscribers went with our recommendation and tried The TOA of Badass and had great success with it.

Joshua Pellicer, the creator of the Tao Of Badass has made numerous appearances on television programs and hosts the live radio show “Game On”, which aims to help men struggling with dating women.  In Chinese the word “TOA” means “Path”… so pretty much it’s “The Path To Becoming A Bad Ass”.

While in college studying psychology he started researching and testing out psychological concepts on women in an attempt to “crack the code” of attraction. Years later he developed a system for attracting women, which is The Tao of Badass.

What’s Inside?

The guide inside this system covers everything including:

  • How to make women approach you
  • How and where to meet women
  • Building self confidence
  • What to do while dating the girl you want
  • Best ways to keep the conversation flowing
  • How to stop a woman you see on the street
  • Top ways guys kill attraction
  • How to get your first kiss
  • The full set of sexual triggers
  • The 4 step process women use when deciding to sleep with you
  • The 3 step test women subconsciously put you through
  • Early signs that she is putting you on “friend zone” and how to reverse them
  • Strategy and method to keep a woman from cheating on you
  • Reading her body language and eye movements to know what she is thinking
  • Attractive body language, positive body language and dominant body language
  • How to speak to her emotions to make her feel attracted to you
  • Foolproof method to stop “saying the wrong things”
  • Flow chart – step by step visual guide for successful interaction
  • How to approach women to create immediate attraction
  • And Much More


  • Dating Multiples Report – Guide to dating multiple women and have them love you for it.
  • Cheat Proof Yourself Report – A method for ensuring that she has eyes for you only.
  • Escaping the “Friend Zone” – Advanced techniques
  • Guide to Breaking up Report – How to do it without causing pain and suffering and being able to stay friends.
  • Module 1 of the “Hacking attraction” course.
  • Audio commentary to the main book.
  • Discover you skills – Program – tests to discover in which of the 4 super skill sets you belong and how to use them to your advantage.
  • Banter cheat sheet – what to say when you walk up to her.

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You’ll also get a number of different instructional videos such as the Body Language mastery course, where Joshua explains how to master the five aspects of Body Language in order to benefit the most from social interactions.

Important Lessons


A Little One on One Time

One of the most important lessons you’ll learn inside the TOA of Badass is how to carry a conversation with a girl 1 on 1. If you don’t learn how to do this then you will never have success with asking girls out or getting girls in your bedroom.

Being able to talk to a girl on a 1 on 1 level is one of the most important aspects to seducing a woman. In this program you’ll find out about effective strategies for initiating conversation and keeping it going by being observant and aware of everything going on around you.

Gender Roles

In chapter 2 you’ll learn about why women are attracted to certain kinds of guys, and why guys are attracted to certain kinds of women. Josh goes into detail about why some men play a male gender role and others play a female gender role. Once you understand this better you’ll be able to use this knowledge to your advantage and identify the type of girl that’s attracted to you.

Self Confidence

Another part I love in this dating system is the amount of focus they put on building up your confidence. As I told you earlier one of my biggest struggles was overcoming my fears of rejection and being self confident in myself when I approach girls.

In this guide you’ll quickly learn that you can actually fake confidence. As I quickly found out is that faking confidence actually improves your own natural self confidence because you’ll start to believe you’re really confident.

The Approach

The Approach teaches you how to make your walk the walk better and overcome any kind of social anxiety you might have. This was a huge problem for me and alot of the guys we get emails from. There are a lot of great pointers in this chapter on getting better at this.

The Test

This chapter really goes deep into the female’s mind and explains to you why women test guys. Most women test guys to see how confident they really are, and the guy fails this test then the chick will most likely reject you. You find out exactly what these tests are, how to know when a girl is testing you, and how to pass the test with flying colors.

The Attraction Killers

This section in the course shares with you some of the most common attraction killers guys fall victim to the most. One of the attraction killers you’ll learn about is devaluing yourself.

Most guys approach women already believing that the girl is out of their league – Big Mistake. You are doomed to fail before you even had a chance if you approach chicks with this mindset.

You’ll be taught some interesting ways to remove this negative mindset and start to believe you’re solid gold, not gold plated. This will totally change your attitude so that the image women see when they look at you is something they can’t resist. This

Eye contact is a huge attraction killer you’ll also learn about. Women’s eyes are the gateway to their hearts. Once you learn to maintain eye contact with a woman you’ll display both intimacy and fearlessness. You’ll learn that avoiding eye contact only makes you look nervous and less confident – A Huge Turnoff to Girls.

The Members Area

This is my favorite part of the whole system.  There’s an online members area that is loaded with free bonus materials on topics such as how to how to make sure you never get cheated on, how to get out the friend zone, and much more.

However, what’s really great about the members area are the different Professional Pick Up Artists active in the community answering questions and giving helpful tips, advice, and pointers.


 What We Didn’t Like

Most of our subscribers who dived into The TOA Badass system reported to us that they got a little overwhelmed at first because of all the new information that was revealed to them so suddenly.

However, all of our subscribers felt that the content presented in the TOA, especially the videos were excellent and really helped them, which obviously is the most important thing.

I can honestly say that this program is not for you if you think it’s going to be like one of those AXE commercials where the chicks are just flocking to you. It isn’t that good.

You are still going to have to get out there and approach females. You’re going to need to apply what you’ve learned over and over again until you have it Mastered.

Don’t expect to go through the system one time and think you’re going to hook up with hundreds of hot girls. As most of our subscribers realized it will take some effort.

Our subscribers who actually applied what they learned managed to start having much better luck with the females and also improved their social life overall.

Bonus Materials

As I highlighted earlier there are a number of different bonus books they’ll give once you download the course. However, the one I really found value in is the book on Escaping The Friend Zone. I struggled with being looked at as a nice guy and staying stuck in what we call “The Friend Zone”.

I learned some great tips from this book on how to use my friendship with a girl to my advantage so that I can start a sexual relationship with her. It gives you a sneaky strategy to change the dynamics of the relationship without the girl even realizing what’s going on until she finds herself very attracted to you.


60 Day Money Back Guarantee!

If you don’t like  The TOA of Badass system after 2 months you can return it for a full refund. It’s a pretty cool product so I doubt you’ll find too many reasons to want to return it anyway… But then again it’s not for everybody.

If you’re interested in checking it out for yourself you can Click Here Now.


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